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Frequently asked questions


What payment providers do you accept?
Do you have AfterPay?
What is the difference between Rental vs. Purchase?
When will HBJL business modules be available?
Can I ask you questions after I have watched the workshop?


How long do I have to watch the workshop?
Where can I watch the video?


What access do I have if I purchase the video?
I am a salon owner, can I purchase access for my Salon staff?
If I personally purchase the workshops, can I share my member logins?
Where can I watch the video?
Can I use Chromecast to watch HBJL Academy workshops?
Can I use AirPlay to watch the HBJL Academy workshops?


I can't login, can you help?
I have forgotten my login password, how do I reset it?
What browsers can I use to access HBJL Academy?
I am having playback issues?
How can I adjust video quality?
Can I change the video speed?
Help, my payment keeps declining?
Is my information safe & PCI compliant?
I am a salon owner, can I purchase access for my salon staff?
Do you offer refunds?